Tuesday, August 14, 2007

word of mouth creates a verb and lots of traffic

word of mouth -- I just happened to notice the number of comments on posts (131, 162, 231, 251, 287, hike! yikes!!) over at Scott Bakalar's WOM, and also noticed that WOM has morphed into a verb. Lorain is on fire, figuratively speaking. They're in the process of taking their city back, together, and a community blog is driving it.


  1. The 20 readers of WoM are very prolific with their comments. :-)

  2. Thank you for mentioning us, we really appreciate it!

  3. Guys, we appreciate all you do to drive the blogosphere. This is that sort of idea whose time has come. Watch for our PIOTB rally at the Free Stamp at 5-7 or so, this coming Saturday, with the Browns game going on.