Tuesday, August 21, 2007

surreal times: Do your civic duty ~ Don't vote

Yesterday was a long day, and as I lay drifting into half sleep, I had the most surreal vision of the past mashed in with the present and the glimmer of a fearsome future: We had just exited the Winking Lizard downtown, and were heading over to Jacobs Field, when we spotted an airplane trailing a banner and flying back and forth over our heads. The banner read, "Do your civic duty: Don't vote!"

On the streets in front of us were troops of boy scouts, a youth corps mobilized for the partnership, all freshly indoctrinated in the new ways, all looking strangely like Joe Cimperman, all with pointy little teeth and huge vacuous grins, explaining to the older folks not only why it was now good not to vote, but also why it was in their best interests to suppress their families' and their neighbors' votes, and let their elected leaders lead.

In the vision of my half-sleep, Jesuits wept softly in the shadows of Jacobs Field.

I am still disturbed.

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