Thursday, August 09, 2007

being aware is half the battle: two weeks, and counting

In the matter of putting the issue on the ballot so we can vote on our being sales-taxed in Cuyahoga County, as of today there are two weeks worth of days left before circulators need to get their ballots back in to their sources on August 22nd. There are currently enough petitions being circulated to bring in 126,000 signatures. Roughly one-third of that amount is needed to get the issue onto the ballot for March. Remember, the commissioners did forego the opportunity to put this on the ballot for our vote in November; this delay is squarely their choice. They think the people of Cuyahoga County will not be able to muster the signatures, yet in fact the Ohio counties of Hamilton, Lorain, and Ashtabula already have successfully risen up in the face of such arrogance.

Being aware of time available is critical in the successful accomplishment of any task or, when you're at war, any mission. The fourteen-day countdown looks like this:

9 Thursday
10 Friday
11 Saturday
12 Sunday
17 Friday
18 Saturday
19 Sunday
22 Wednesday

We're going to be at the Cuyahoga County Fair at the Berea fairgrounds this weekend. One of our supporters has paid for a booth. Check out for other places you can go to sign a petition, if you haven't already.

Talk to your neighbors; there are some really interesting dynamics at play here. This issue is uniting and galvanizing the community as nothing has before. This is some really, really good stuff, something we can all agree on. As one of our vets, a union guy, pointed out, we went to war 230 years ago over stuff like this. The people, our neighbors, are telling us what to do. They're giving us our lines. They're framing the issue for us. This is getting to be sort of fun.

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