Friday, August 03, 2007

from the front page of today's online NYT: the MTB catchphrase has cachet and gains currency

I noticed this phrasing on the front page of the online New York TIMES this morning. Too bad they mentioned that KOS character in the same context, along with the word "liberal." We bloggers get tarred, or smeared, with the same brush all the time by the mainstream media, and it really isn't fair, or accurate. But what the heck, isn't that what they're all about lately? Forget reporting--they'll form public opinion so "those people," the public at large, don't have to strain themselves. Here's the snippet:

The Caucus Blog
The Democrats Meet the Bloggers
At the second annual YearlyKos convention, liberal bloggers are being courted by almost all the Democratic presidential candidates.
Also in The Caucus:

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