Saturday, August 11, 2007

today, the river burning, tomorrow, the Indians rampant and the county fair

Hey, writing "county fair" in the title above made me think of the oxymoronic (pertaining to a figure of speech that combines two normally contradictory terms), and the just plain moronic (two commissioners who could have scheduled a vote for November of 2007, and now compel a referendum to PutItOnTheBallot for March of 2008). These guys, Jimmy and Timmy, are spending our weekend time for us, again, and here's a little of how we're allocating that time, circulating petitions. The good news is that everybody wants to sign, all except those who think they benefit from preempting the public's right to choose their taxation, and thank goodness that's a very small group.

One prescient young fellow, Brian Cummins of Ward 15, this morning pointed out that this ballot initiative changes the next 80 years. It will make the difference as to whether we control and guide our community's destiny or become the indentured workers of the government deal-makers.

Today, we're going to be at The Burning River Fest, and we had planned on being there anyway. Our friend Stefanie Spear has offered her Earthwatch Ohio booth as a place for us to cool our heels, and we'll be there from about 1 PM until the end.

Tomorrow, it's off to the Indians/Yankees pre-game from 11 to 1, and then over to our PutItOnTheBallot booth in building 20 at the 111th Cuyahoga County Fair from 2 to 8.


  1. I wish was I there with you guys this week-end. Instead...I am stuck at an out-of-town wedding in City where there is rarely used convention center. I hope a sales tax increase wasn't used to pay for it.

  2. We had a good outing at the Burning River Fest; I liked the layout a little better last year, but this year was more expansive. We didn't get to use Stefanie's tent, so we had to be out on the grounds, roaming at large. Overall, our impact is large, verging on huge. "They" can't stifle this part of the dialogue. We are placed, because of them, in the awkward position of having to get signatures on petitions to ensure we have the basic American option to vote on how, when, and where we're taxed, and for how long.

  3. hey looks like you guys had a busy weekend--hope it was fun in addition to all of your hard work!