Wednesday, August 01, 2007

FCE, take note: If it's good enough for Second Life, it's good enough for Ohio

Second Life's Virtual Gamblers Told to Fold - -- It pleases me to see a society, or a community, taking the route around the pastime promoters, the addiction-formers, the dependency-builders, and the time- and money-wasters. Second Life takes a stand to eliminate parasites:

All bets are off in Second Life this week. The casinos of the virtual world have closed shop after a decision by its founders to forbid gambling in their online society.

"Because there are a variety of conflicting gambling regulations around the world we have chosen to restrict gambling in Second Life," Robin Harper, senior vice president of marketing and business development for
Linden Research, which runs Second Life, wrote in a posting to the company's blog July 25.

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