Sunday, August 12, 2007

how much have we given away already?

We were just down at Jacobs Field to collect some signatures for the PIOTB petition, and coming out of The Winking Lizard, we saw an airplane circling overhead trailing a banner telling the masses below not to sign the petitions. That made us feel good. I just wish I knew how much the plane and the banner cost, and who paid for it. I like to know who's getting nervous, and who has what at stake.

At the ballfield complex, the staff was fully briefed to escort us off the property where our circulators had performed quite well previously, on other days. We asked where the public property began, and it turns out that we have given over a lot of what used to be public streets and sidewalks to a private entity. I'll bet very few people know that. I certainly didn't.

When the dust settles on this petition drive, I want to find out who owns what down around the ballfield, who has rights where, how many city streets and sidewalks we have handed over to private interests, and how we can go about getting our property back and settling up the score. At first glance, it seems that public property has been converted to private use covertly, not even with a bang, or a whimper.


  1. Disappointed I missed a big week-end with the effort! But, seeing this makes me proud that I have been doing my part.

    --mike pelsozy

  2. Mike, we have good momentum, a great team, and about 10 days. This thing has grown legs all over the place. Covertly.