Friday, August 24, 2007

Wendell sees daylight

Every signature counts -- Wendell Robinson sees daylight and is willing to run toward it as we prepare for tomorrow's drive-by petition-filling drill. I really don't know if anybody has tried this before anywhere else. I guess the closest parallel is going to file taxes on the last day, and lining up with everybody else at the last minute, at the final hour. Here's Wendell's take:

I got an email last night from a friend and frequent reader who’s done his fair share of grassroots political work in his time asking my honest opinion on the status of the efforts of the PutItOnTheBallot folks. We’ve known each other long enough that when he asks me an honest question, I give him an honest answer.

Here’s the email:

do you know how may signatures have been collected? i know the filing deadline is tomorrow at 4:30. was wondering if 50 signatures would make a difference. please advise.

I told him that if you had asked me the question a week ago, I might have told you that there’s no way they can get it done, but now after circulating my own petition and talking to people on the street as well as some heart to hearts with the petitioners - they have a real chance of pulling this thing off.

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