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Cathy Panzica| Cleveland Women|

Cathy Panzica Cleveland Women--What Would Dorothy Fuldheim Say?

Vonage Offering USB Memory Stick Phone

Vonage Offering USB Memory Stick Phone: We're existing Vonage customers, and this is an interesting product for us; it might make it so we don't have to take our routers with us on extended stays away from the office.

"The V-phone, which is preloaded with software and therefore requires no computer set-up, will cost $39.99 plus a $9.00 activation fee, and comes with an earpiece. Customers would also need to sign up for calling time.
Vonage is offering business users unlimited calls for $34.99 a month, and a $24.99 unlimited plan for residential customers. It also offers a 500-minute plan for $14.99.
'Most employees do a lot of work on the road and at home,' Citron said. 'The only way they do that is racking up large phone bills.'
Citron said he did not expect the latest device to replace other Vonage products or cell phones.
But companies could eventually use it instead of their current phone networks once workers grew accustomed to using headsets and dialing from keyboards rather than traditional phones, he said. "

Welcome to the Society, and check your critical powers at the door

I have been watching this mutual-admiration society flourish, that heavenly fellowship of journalists that perish, or at least swoon at the presence of each other, and doing so with some degree of amusement--this has all the earmarks of the patter you hear on the Academy Awards and that ilk. You don't want to miss this exchange:

Connie, stroking.

John, gushing.

AT&T free!

Today is our first day of not receiving email through our old addresses--AT&T Internet Business Services, which started out in the early '90s as IBM Advantis, in the hotbed of Tennessee's tech corridor.

What's amazing to me is the dearth of spam, suddenly, now that I've jettisoned email addresses we've had for about 12 years. I used to get 200-400 a day, and now, more than 10 hours into today, I have had one. I have conflicting emotions, sitting alone in the silence, realizing I was in an abusive relationship.

Hybrids Are Hot - MSN Autos

Hybrids Are Hot - MSN Autos--I didn't know so much was already available in hybrid models and styles. It makes it harder and harder to hold out for that H3 hybrid, Norm.

Gasoline-Electric Hybrids

On sale now:
Honda Insight
Toyota Prius
Honda Civic Hybrid
Honda Accord Hybrid
Ford Escape Hybrid
Lexus RX 400h
Toyota Highlander Hybrid
Mercury Mariner Hybrid
Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid
GMC Sierra Hybrid

Due in calendar 2006:
Saturn Vue Hybrid
Lexus GS 450h
Nissan Altima Hybrid
Toyota Camry Hybrid

Due in calendar 2007:
Mazda Tribute Hybrid
Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid
Chevrolet Tahoe hybrid
GMC Yukon hybrid

Due in calendar 2008:
Dodge Durango hybrid
Ford Fusion Hybrid
Mercury Milan Hybrid
New Chevrolet and GMC hybrid full-size pickups* *Specific models with new, upgraded hybrid technology have not been announced.

Due by calendar 2010:
Porsche Cayenne hybrid

Source: Automakers

Thursday, June 29, 2006

CMHA flouts 1969 law at 4016 Denison

Here's something I found in the Cleveland code, dating back to 1969; it appears that CMHA is not at all in compliance at 4016 Denison, which has over 20 suites and became a CMHA property back in the 1980s. Why are they exempt?

371.09 Requirements for Janitor, Custodian or Agent

(a) In any multiple dwelling structure in which the owner thereof does not reside, there shall be designated by the owner, a janitor, custodian, agent or other responsible person who shall reside in the structure and have charge of the same. However, where there exist two or more such dwelling structures on one parcel of land or upon two or more contiguous parcels of land, one janitor, custodian or agent residing in any one of the dwelling structures may serve as janitor, custodian or agent for all of the dwelling structures.
(b) The janitor, custodian or agent shall be available, at reasonable hours, to the Commissioner of Housing and to the tenant of the dwelling unit. A schedule showing the name, location and hours the janitor, custodian or agent is available shall be posted conspicuously at the main entrance of such structure.
(c) The janitor, custodian or agent shall maintain the common areas in a safe and sanitary manner. (Ord. No. 2267-68. Passed 2-17-69, eff. 2-29-69)

Section 363.09 Multiple Dwelling

"Multiple dwelling" means a dwelling structure occupied for residence purposes by more than two families, or by individuals living in a rooming occupancy as defined herein, or by both. (Ord. No. 2409-59. Passed 4-4-60, eff. 4-6-60)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

If I were a Rich Man... - word of mouth

If I were a Rich Man... - word of mouth--Scott finally tells us what informs his actions (WWTLRD?) and plugs Bloggapalooza in marvelous detail. Go there.

Monday, June 26, 2006

who's aggregating here at Planet NEO?

Planet NEO--Pho wants to know: What it is?

Tax cheat whistleblower program pays few returns - MarketWatch

Tax cheat whistleblower program pays few returns - MarketWatch: "Given that the IRS admits most whistleblowers are indeed part of an 'ex factor' -- spouses, colleagues...people who likely have some axe to grind, the altruism of the act can probably be best described as having nothing to do with good citizenship; it has to do with revenge."--or political dirty tricks, or squelching competition, or keeping principled people in their places. An informant society which guarantees anonymity to the informant-- and rewards informants for placing people in situations where the most financially and emotionally reasonable alternative is to just give in and pay--is just flat wrong. This anonymity needs to go. We need to strip the snitches of their cover, even at the risk of altering the landscape of politics as we know it today.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

'Timothy Leary: A Biography,' by Robert Greenfield - The New York Times Book Review - New York Times

'Timothy Leary: A Biography,' by Robert Greenfield - The New York Times Book Review - New York Times: "Nearly every page is riveting in 'Timothy Leary,' which unfolds like the great novel Sinclair Lewis might have written had he lived to the age of 120....the book provides a crash course in several aspects of 60's culture: its often gaseous rhetoric, its reliance on mahatmas and soothsayers, its endless bail-fund benefits and sometimes dubious appeals to conscience, its thriving population of informers, its contribution to the well-being of lawyers, its candyland expectations and obstinate denials of reality, its fatal avoidance of critical thinking, its squalid death by its own hand. That still leaves many meritorious elements largely outside Leary's sphere: civil rights, the antiwar movement, music and art, the impulse toward communitarianism, to name a few. In part because of Leary, however, ideals and delusions were encouraged to interbreed, their living progeny being avid consumerism and toothless dissent."

Make sure you read the first chapter, here, where I found two factual things I have in common with this other Tim: "There could not have been a family more unlike the outgoing, gregarious, reckless Learys than the quiet and pious Ferris clan from which Tim's mother, Abigail, came. The shining star of the Ferris family was Abigail's maternal uncle, Father Michael Kavanaugh. Born in 1873, he graduated first in his class at Holy Cross".

Saturday, June 24, 2006

CMHA Letter

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And what's all this in paragraph 4 about an escort service?

CMHA twisting the truth, again

Our own Cuyahoga County Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) left this notice under the doors of our neighbors next door at 4016 Denison this morning. The ironic thing is, there is no staffed security desk, there is no staffed management office, there is no one to whom to show a photo identification card. CMHA has exempted itself from complying with the laws governing other rental properties, yet continues to distribute literature as though it were in compliance. Is this an example of hypocrisy, doublespeak, newspeak, or just plain lying-like-a-rug incompetence? I'm having trouble finding the words. Help me.

The Kubla Khan of Hotels - New York Times

The Kubla Khan of Hotels - New York Times--A great look-back on John Portman. We still spend a work-week each fall in the Atlanta Marriott Marquis and have had Hyatt Regencies figure into our travel plans quite often; we can appreciate what they're talking about here.

Folk Revival as Only Springsteen Can Do It - New York Times

Folk Revival as Only Springsteen Can Do It - New York Times: More good stuff, read the whole thing, it's different. Note the link to the free tunes in the excerpt:

"The album doesn't include any of Mr. Seeger's own topical songs. But the concert did, when Mr. Springsteen performed 'Bring 'Em Home,' which Mr. Seeger wrote during the Vietnam War. (It's available free on
Mr. Springsteen's band grew to 19 members during the concert, including a 6-member horn section. Nearly all the instruments were acoustic. The band didn't simply strum and pick in the hootenanny style of folk-revival acts like the New Christy Minstrels (although a 1960's group, the Village Stompers, had some similar string-band-to-Dixieland arrangements). The Seeger Sessions Band played a boisterous kaleidoscope of styles, never sticking to just one a song: Appalachian music, gospel, jump-blues, Irish reels, New Orleans R & B, mariachi, Cajun music, even some acoustic funk for a version of Mr. Springsteen's own 'Johnny 99.' Credit the lasting impact of the folk revival for letting Mr. Springsteen find musicians in New York who are adept in so many regional styles. "

More Rumblings About Net Privacy - New York Times

More Rumblings About Net Privacy - New York Times:--We must be vigilant here. Read the whole sordid thing. Here's an excerpt:

"AT&T instituted a new privacy policy this week stating that the company, not customers, owns customers' private data."

Friday, June 23, 2006

Meet the Bloggers » Upcoming [Akron]: Dr. John Green

Meet the Bloggers » Upcoming [Akron]: Dr. John Green--Tomorrow, Saturday, at 11 AM. This guy seems interesting. Consider the trip to Akron, to a neat coffeehouse near the University. We should be done shortly after noon. Here's Jason Haas' commentary:

On Saturday, June 24, Dr. John Green of the University of Akron will Meet the Bloggers at Cafe Momus in Akron. The interview will begin at 11 am. Green is a Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Akron. He is also a Senior Fellow with the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. Perhaps best known for his studies covering the intersections of religion and politics, Green has also published books on political parties, minor political parties, and campaign finance. Green’s insights on Ohio and national politics are frequenlty quoted in various media outlets.

Green is the Director of the
Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics. The institute awards a masters in applied politics, a program designed to provide students with the knowledge to lead candidate and issues campaigns. He is the only director the institute has had since its inception 20 years ago.

Filed under:

Scrap 'em

Scrap 'em--Our beloved PLAIN DEALER comes in now with the idea of scrapping the Huletts after they've been "deconstructed" (the strange, propagandistic, "newspeak" term they're using in the matter of the Wirth House on Denison Avenue) or dismantled, and stored, and proved to be inconvenient and downright burdensome. If we allow "deconstruction" of Wirth House, I'll bet we can count on the PD to sell us out on that one, too, with a similar rationale:

No, no, no. It's time to end the Hulett debate. Oglebay Norton has shown commendable patience, but it needs the space. There's no abiding public affection for the Huletts, especially so many years after they disappeared from view. Limited public resources would be better spent to complete the Towpath Trail and encourage waterfront access downtown.
Cleveland needs to embrace its next century, not cling to the last.

Read the whole editorial, at the link. It's disappointing. It makes me wonder how much of this we owe to suppression of the news in the first place.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mayor now available for downloading - The Boston Globe

Mayor now available for downloading - The Boston Globe: I don't think MTB should worry too much about this competition yet. "The City Hall workers in charge of producing Boston's podcasts concede that city business may not be riveting material, especially to the iPod-toting young people they hope to reach. They are looking to spice things up, possibly with theme music that might be composed by students at the Berklee College of Music. They also hope to have audio files translated into other languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese.
``We want to make sure that it's interesting and useful,' said Tom Lyons, who is heading the effort. ``Are people going to care about this when they listen to it?'"

Sunday, June 18, 2006

REAL NEO Graffiti now May Show at Star Complex | REALNEO for all

REAL NEO Graffiti now May Show at Star Complex | REALNEO for all
The Star Complex is at 1519 Lakeview at end of Manor Park
Here's a thumbnail history of the Star Complex, formerly the Hough Bakery, at 1519 Lakeview, and directions to it via The Red Line. I'm excited over the possibilities here, the synergies that can develop.

Now, Free Ways to Do Desktop Work on the Web - New York Times

Now, Free Ways to Do Desktop Work on the Web - New York Times: Lots of good links in this article. Here are some of them. This all bodes well for work groups and getting things done quickly on a collaborative basis.

"If you don't want to wait for Google, a similar browser application is already available called Zoho Writer at (I wrote most of this article on Zoho with as much ease as writing with Microsoft Word.) Writeboard ( is a competitor. Another program, called Ajax Write (, lacks the spell checking and word count functions that Word has taught us to rely upon.

But you need not stop there. Applications for coordinating calendars among friends and family is another popular application that replaces some of the functions of Microsoft's Outlook program. Yahoo and Google have some, but there are others, including one from a start-up named 30Boxes ( that is very easy to use. Microsoft is also beginning to offer collaborative Web tools.

If you like the idea of making your Web browser do more work, you might also download the Firefox browser, made by another competitor nipping at Microsoft's heels (at Then you can start using any of the hundreds of add-ons, called extensions, that independent programmers have created to add functions to the browser, for example, the ability to synchronize bookmarks between computers, block ads or download video faster.

Google Labs offers some of them. One of the most useful is Notebook. "

Friday, June 16, 2006

Beyond the Valley: 10 Blooming U.S. Cities for Tech

Beyond the Valley: 10 Blooming U.S. Cities for Tech--However, most agree that due to growth in the popularity of telework and a stronger IT employment market, the jobs could end up nearly anywhere.
"I think we're going to see a lot more people spread out because of the way communications technology makes it easy to work from anywhere, through e-mail and instant messages, and more and more videoconferencing," said Graham.
"In the end, the skills are going to be where the people want to relocate because there's a good quality of life."

Interesting article. Click the lead-in link to see the top 10 picks, the short list. There's still lots of potential around here, however, for us to "be a contender." All we have to do is ensure we have "a good quality of life." We have an Emerald Necklace that's unsurpassed, we have the very best housing stock overall, we are extremely affordable compared to all the other areas, and we have a wholesome family lifestyle and a moderate nightlife. Lots of schools, too. Probably too many nonprofits, though, which would jostle the for-profit culture's sensibilities--they can't stand hangers-on, loafers, freeloaders, and imitators.

But, if we allow the cheesy casino atmosphere to take over, we may as well pack it in. On the short list, which of the cities have a big-time gambling (excuse me, "gaming") presence?

East Cleveland Undivided about bridging the digital divide | REALNEO for all

East Cleveland Undivided about bridging the digital divide REALNEO for all--There's some very exciting news here, from Norm Roulet. At the link you'll find the story of the East Cleveland business incubator, the Williams family, of Hot Sauce Williams renown, and a handful of techies who see the vision and act on it. This is a new community forming, something the likes of which we've never seen before, something like we started in 1966, before The Great Society got us all sidetracked, or shipped overseas.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

J.D. Power's IQS: Why Tech Cars Faltered

J.D. Power's IQS: Why Tech Cars Faltered--Interesting article on the cars' being ready for us, and us being ready for the cars. Everybody involved needs to get up to speed.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Column by PC Magazine: Our Modern World—Weirder by the Minute

Column by PC Magazine: Our Modern World—Weirder by the Minute. There's satire, there's strange, and then here comes Dvorak.

Strap-On Veterans for Truth

Strap-On Veterans for Truth. Good Stuff. What is real, what is satire, any more?

News From PC Magazine: Can You Really Buy An American PC?

News From PC Magazine: Can You Really Buy An American PC?: I didn't know this about Nashville, which is close to Knoxville, which is one of our areas of interest for business and technology. There's excitement there. Read Dvorak's whole column for the background.

"Last month, Gateway announced that they are in the process of opening a manufacturing plant in Nashville, Tennessee. The factory is expected to open in October and employ over 300 people. They will have to compete for workers with Dell, who has been manufacturing in Nashville since 1999 and recently announced a 1,000-person expansion of the plant. "

EV-DO Does It

EV-DO Does It, From PC Magazine. I'm still trying to figure all this out, and how it interfaces with our existing VoIP, but it is a fascinating convergence.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Brooklyn Centre Garden Tour, Sunday, June 11th, 1-5 PM | REALNEO for all

Brooklyn Centre Garden Tour, Sunday, June 11th, 1-5 PM REALNEO for all--Just a reminder. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, the weather forecast is most excellent, and the gardens are standing tall and looking good. The poster with all the details is at the link. There are now 13 gardens on the tour and there's the on-going tea party at Riverside, where the tickets are sold. Local musicians at Archwood UCC are an added bonus.

A Mixed Bag of First Impressions by Democrats at Blog Rendezvous - New York Times

A Mixed Bag of First Impressions by Democrats at Blog Rendezvous - New York Times: "In the interview, Mr. Warner left little doubt of the potential he sees with bloggers, saying, 'You're watching what potentially could be a major part of the future of American politics taking place right here.'
Asked if he thought some of his prospective rivals — like Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York — had made a mistake by not coming here (she cited a scheduling conflict), Mr. Warner paused before declining to answer. 'Do I look like a fool?' he asked with a smile."

Great news in this article, pointing up the fact that Hilary Clinton needs to Meet The Bloggers on her next junket through Cleveland. She's already been invited.

I tend to think much the same thing about that Daily Kos character myself--how immoderate and bitchy can you get and still have a readeship? By saying this just now, am I getting a bit bitchy myself?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Medicaid Fraud Mired in Debate by Lawmakers - New York Times

Medicaid Fraud Mired in Debate by Lawmakers - New York Times--Isn't this where Hilary Clinton hails from, lately? Didn't she just recently declare that delivery of healthcare is one of her "passions" (Wounds Salved, Clinton Returns to Health Care) ? Why?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Food Porn: The Bulgogi Burger - Slashfood

Food Porn: The Bulgogi Burger - Slashfood--got alerted to this by George's new daily links feature on BFD. I spent 1972 and 1973 over there, at Camp Howze, and became appreciative of the indigenous food, which we still find here, "back in the world," at Korea House on Superior and the grocery to the side of it, at the grocery at Asia Plaza over on Payne, and at another little store out Pearl Road before Brookpark. The latter seems to have the best kimchi. The lady there makes it to the taste specifications of her family, and the customers get included in the beneficence, too.

Block the Vote, Ohio Remix - New York Times

Block the Vote, Ohio Remix - New York Times: Gloria's been saying this for months, and at times has become quite shrill about it. Now, finally, the NYT throws it's weight behind her. It must feel good to be vindicated, or at least to have your opinion validated:

"Decisions about who can vote are being made by a candidate for governor. Mr. Blackwell should hand over responsibility for elections to a decision maker whose only loyalty is to the voters and the law."

Read the whole thing.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Media Bloggers Association:

Media Bloggers Association--Heartening news from California--the playing field improves.

"In what the EFF called a "major victory" for bloggers and citizen journalists, The Sixth Appellate Court of the Court of Appeal of the State of California rejected Apple Computer's attempt to force disclosure of sources by two blogs (AppleInsider and by ruling that bloggers and citizen journalists are entitled to the same legal protections as journalists working for corporate media entities"

Say Anything: Washington Post Columnist Really Doesn't Like Bloggers - North Dakota's Most Popular Political Blog

Say Anything: Washington Post Columnist Really Doesn't Like Bloggers - North Dakota's Most Popular Political Blog: As I sit here in my Brooks Brothers striped u-trou, I find this pithy piece from some MSM hump ranting at a commencement address:

"Good jobs in journalism have become scarce as newspapers shrink and die, broadcast media fragment to smaller niche audiences and the public appears more and more willing to receive its 'news' online from nincompoops ranting in their underpants."

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Commuter Cars: The Tango

Commuter Cars. Tango! Rhymes with Mango, one of my SNL idols. We need to start making these things here, in Cleveland. We've got the setup and we've got the workers. Check out the George Clooney news release from this past April at the site, and also the WIRED Magazine article here.

If we all started driving things like these, and taking the bus, we could drastically reduce the size of ODOT staff once we saved billions of dollars in scrapping wasteful highway broadening projects. We need to start thinking of saving our heritage from demolition, saving our dollars now, and protecting the interests of future generations of Clevelanders, Ohioans, Americans.

Mass Natural - New York Times

Mass Natural - New York Times: Good article here on organic food, Wal-Mart's coming onto the scene, and the potential for compromise of the standards that now define what organic food is. There's also mention of atrazine, and its uncontrolled and unmeasured effects on the population. Could this atrazine be responsible for the relatively recent emergence of the term "chubby" as a slang term for an erection? That young people would even think to describe it that way shows that something's gone awry.

"Atrazine is a powerful herbicide applied to 70 percent of America's cornfields. Traces of the chemical routinely turn up in American streams and wells and even in the rain; the F.D.A. also finds residues of Atrazine in our food.

So what? Well, the chemical, which was recently banned by the European Union, is a suspected carcinogen and endocrine disruptor that has been linked to low sperm counts among farmers. A couple of years ago, a U.C. Berkeley herpetologist named Tyrone Hayes, while doing research on behalf of Syngenta, Atrazine's manufacturer, found that even at concentrations as low as 0.1 part per billion, the herbicide will chemically emasculate a male frog, causing its gonads to produce eggs — in effect, turning males into hermaphrodites. Atrazine is often present in American waterways at much higher concentrations than 0.1 part per billion. But American regulators generally won't ban a pesticide until the bodies, or cancer cases, begin to pile up — until, that is, scientists can prove the link between the suspect molecule and illness in humans or ecological catastrophe. So Atrazine is, at least in the American food system, deemed innocent until proved guilty — a standard of proof extremely difficult to achieve, since it awaits the results of chemical testing on humans that we, rightly, don't perform. "

Internet Phones: Please Wait for the Next Available Opportunity - New York Times

Internet Phones: Please Wait for the Next Available Opportunity - New York Times: This is a fairly good explanation of what Skype is and does and might do down the road. An excerpt--

"Any PC, equipped with Skype's free software and a headset, or with a microphone and speakers, can place a free phone call to a similarly equipped PC anywhere in the world — and without bankrupting Skype. The arrangement places no burden upon Skype's servers: messages go directly from calling PC to receiving PC, peer to peer.
These PC-to-PC calls avoid charges because they do not tie up the lines of proprietary telephone company networks. Voice sounds are digitized, compressed, popped into data packets and sent on their way into the shared space of the Internet. The quality of these digitized Internet calls can be as good as or better than conventional calls.
Skype's revenue comes principally from its SkypeOut service, for calls that originate on a PC and connect to a conventional phone number. The sound quality is not as good as it is with its PC-to-PC calls, but Skype's international calls are cheap — as cheap as those offered by no-name, prepaid calling cards — undercutting the rates of traditional telephone companies. "

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Online Throngs Impose a Stern Morality in China - New York Times

Online Throngs Impose a Stern Morality in China - New York Times: "...Freezing Blade, discovered online correspondence between his wife, Quiet Moon, and a college student, Bronze Mustache. After an initial conversation, in which he forgave his wife, the man discovered messages on his wife's computer that confirmed to him that the liaison was continuing. He then posted the letter denouncing Bronze Mustache, and identifying him by his real name.
The case exploded on April 20, when a bulletin board manifesto against Bronze Mustache was published by someone using the name Spring Azalea. "

Extracted like this, the quote above seems sort of silly, or comical. The dynamic depicted by the entire story, though, is chilling. I think that the anonymity makes possible these maulings by the mob--mobs are, for the most part, faceless. We would all do well to dismiss and ignore those whose true identity is not posted along with their comments. Neutralize them at the outset.

This is one very big reason that Gloria's and my blogs' titles are also our real names. (Flashback: A few years back, I had a problem with the pseudonymous nature of being a dad among Indian Princesses, so I called myself "Breaking Wind," and not many noticed.)

We take direct responsibility for what we say. We "own" our commentary and our stance. We don't want to be dismissed or neutralized. We're here to communicate, in community. This is how we will all move forward.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Callahan's Cleveland Diary: ONLINE BANKING IN CLEVELAND: ARE YOU INSECURE? Yesterday it was Jill who was Walking Like She Talks and taking a whack at local banks; today, Callahan steps up, pointing out the locally insecure/nonsecure and fiduciarily (?) challenged.

"Without "https" in the login page address: National City, Key, US Bank, and Chase/Bank One."

Sometimes I think they're so far removed from the simple concept of putting the interests of the customer first that even "https" won't and can't help them now.

» Why, God, did you remain silent? — Distracted Mind

» Why, God, did you remain silent? — Distracted Mind: Tina's doing some really fine work these days. Read the whole thing at the link, but here's an excerpt:

"Is it really that God is silent, or are we just not paying attention?

God’s vocal chords are humanity. If we remain silent, God remains silent as well. Pope Benedict wonders why his God, my God, didn’t speak up during the Holocaust, but the answer is clear: God was screaming. Every person beaten, every shot fired, every child and parent gassed was a cry out for help that was smothered before it was heard — suppressed by fear.

Why, in present times, does God remain silent? We see war crimes, torture and monstrous acts every day and they just keep coming. We don’t live in Nazi Germany, but some still remain quiet in their fear. Fear for their jobs, their families, it makes no difference. There are voices clamoring above the masses of pop-news, though, to get the truth out.

If you think that God is silent, just raise your voice."

after_enlightenment: clevelands hottest new neighborhood?

after_enlightenment: clevelands hottest new neighborhood? Molly's beginning to notice the fabricated fictive reality of the community-development nonprofit sector, shilling for the banks and the "developers." In my comment, I mention that truth is a casualty here, in the city that builds new where none is needed and fails to fix what is older and more valuable. Plain dealing is a casualty, as well, and ironically.

We have had the "new urbanism" here for the past 125 years. All we have to do is fumigate it and give it a new coat of paint. We've got it all, and we're wasting it.

The $400 billion income shortfall

Baby-boomer women face rugged retirement road - MarketWatch:

"BOSTON (MarketWatch) -- Memo: To baby-boomer women. Subject: Retirement. Priority: Urgent.
Baby-boomer women must and should take retirement-planning matters into their own hands and not wait on government or business to solve the looming problems that await three-quarters of the 40 million women born between 1946 and 1964. " - Marketers hope 666 will be their lucky number - Marketers hope 666 will be their lucky number--What does Ken Blackwell say about this one?

Writes Like She Talks: Chase and Sky Trust are GOING DOWN

Writes Like She Talks: Chase and Sky Trust are GOING DOWN--makes good sense. An idea whose time has come. For many reasons.