Monday, June 26, 2006

Tax cheat whistleblower program pays few returns - MarketWatch

Tax cheat whistleblower program pays few returns - MarketWatch: "Given that the IRS admits most whistleblowers are indeed part of an 'ex factor' -- spouses, colleagues...people who likely have some axe to grind, the altruism of the act can probably be best described as having nothing to do with good citizenship; it has to do with revenge."--or political dirty tricks, or squelching competition, or keeping principled people in their places. An informant society which guarantees anonymity to the informant-- and rewards informants for placing people in situations where the most financially and emotionally reasonable alternative is to just give in and pay--is just flat wrong. This anonymity needs to go. We need to strip the snitches of their cover, even at the risk of altering the landscape of politics as we know it today.

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