Saturday, June 24, 2006

Folk Revival as Only Springsteen Can Do It - New York Times

Folk Revival as Only Springsteen Can Do It - New York Times: More good stuff, read the whole thing, it's different. Note the link to the free tunes in the excerpt:

"The album doesn't include any of Mr. Seeger's own topical songs. But the concert did, when Mr. Springsteen performed 'Bring 'Em Home,' which Mr. Seeger wrote during the Vietnam War. (It's available free on
Mr. Springsteen's band grew to 19 members during the concert, including a 6-member horn section. Nearly all the instruments were acoustic. The band didn't simply strum and pick in the hootenanny style of folk-revival acts like the New Christy Minstrels (although a 1960's group, the Village Stompers, had some similar string-band-to-Dixieland arrangements). The Seeger Sessions Band played a boisterous kaleidoscope of styles, never sticking to just one a song: Appalachian music, gospel, jump-blues, Irish reels, New Orleans R & B, mariachi, Cajun music, even some acoustic funk for a version of Mr. Springsteen's own 'Johnny 99.' Credit the lasting impact of the folk revival for letting Mr. Springsteen find musicians in New York who are adept in so many regional styles. "

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