Thursday, June 29, 2006

CMHA flouts 1969 law at 4016 Denison

Here's something I found in the Cleveland code, dating back to 1969; it appears that CMHA is not at all in compliance at 4016 Denison, which has over 20 suites and became a CMHA property back in the 1980s. Why are they exempt?

371.09 Requirements for Janitor, Custodian or Agent

(a) In any multiple dwelling structure in which the owner thereof does not reside, there shall be designated by the owner, a janitor, custodian, agent or other responsible person who shall reside in the structure and have charge of the same. However, where there exist two or more such dwelling structures on one parcel of land or upon two or more contiguous parcels of land, one janitor, custodian or agent residing in any one of the dwelling structures may serve as janitor, custodian or agent for all of the dwelling structures.
(b) The janitor, custodian or agent shall be available, at reasonable hours, to the Commissioner of Housing and to the tenant of the dwelling unit. A schedule showing the name, location and hours the janitor, custodian or agent is available shall be posted conspicuously at the main entrance of such structure.
(c) The janitor, custodian or agent shall maintain the common areas in a safe and sanitary manner. (Ord. No. 2267-68. Passed 2-17-69, eff. 2-29-69)

Section 363.09 Multiple Dwelling

"Multiple dwelling" means a dwelling structure occupied for residence purposes by more than two families, or by individuals living in a rooming occupancy as defined herein, or by both. (Ord. No. 2409-59. Passed 4-4-60, eff. 4-6-60)

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