Friday, June 23, 2006

Scrap 'em

Scrap 'em--Our beloved PLAIN DEALER comes in now with the idea of scrapping the Huletts after they've been "deconstructed" (the strange, propagandistic, "newspeak" term they're using in the matter of the Wirth House on Denison Avenue) or dismantled, and stored, and proved to be inconvenient and downright burdensome. If we allow "deconstruction" of Wirth House, I'll bet we can count on the PD to sell us out on that one, too, with a similar rationale:

No, no, no. It's time to end the Hulett debate. Oglebay Norton has shown commendable patience, but it needs the space. There's no abiding public affection for the Huletts, especially so many years after they disappeared from view. Limited public resources would be better spent to complete the Towpath Trail and encourage waterfront access downtown.
Cleveland needs to embrace its next century, not cling to the last.

Read the whole editorial, at the link. It's disappointing. It makes me wonder how much of this we owe to suppression of the news in the first place.

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