Friday, June 30, 2006

Welcome to the Society, and check your critical powers at the door

I have been watching this mutual-admiration society flourish, that heavenly fellowship of journalists that perish, or at least swoon at the presence of each other, and doing so with some degree of amusement--this has all the earmarks of the patter you hear on the Academy Awards and that ilk. You don't want to miss this exchange:

Connie, stroking.

John, gushing.


  1. oh my!

    Connie never leaves comments on my blog...

    what's up with that?!

  2. I'd say you're one lucky guy. It all goes back to that "birds of a feather" syndrome. You happen to focus outward. You're concerned about other people and your community. These local journalistic types seem to be sort of self-conscious and self-absorbed. Nothing goes anywhere when there's regional navel-gazing.