Thursday, June 01, 2006

» Why, God, did you remain silent? — Distracted Mind

» Why, God, did you remain silent? — Distracted Mind: Tina's doing some really fine work these days. Read the whole thing at the link, but here's an excerpt:

"Is it really that God is silent, or are we just not paying attention?

God’s vocal chords are humanity. If we remain silent, God remains silent as well. Pope Benedict wonders why his God, my God, didn’t speak up during the Holocaust, but the answer is clear: God was screaming. Every person beaten, every shot fired, every child and parent gassed was a cry out for help that was smothered before it was heard — suppressed by fear.

Why, in present times, does God remain silent? We see war crimes, torture and monstrous acts every day and they just keep coming. We don’t live in Nazi Germany, but some still remain quiet in their fear. Fear for their jobs, their families, it makes no difference. There are voices clamoring above the masses of pop-news, though, to get the truth out.

If you think that God is silent, just raise your voice."

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  1. Tim,

    Thoughtful response to a post by Tina that I thought was well timed for the incredible mess that we seem to live in.