Saturday, June 03, 2006

Online Throngs Impose a Stern Morality in China - New York Times

Online Throngs Impose a Stern Morality in China - New York Times: "...Freezing Blade, discovered online correspondence between his wife, Quiet Moon, and a college student, Bronze Mustache. After an initial conversation, in which he forgave his wife, the man discovered messages on his wife's computer that confirmed to him that the liaison was continuing. He then posted the letter denouncing Bronze Mustache, and identifying him by his real name.
The case exploded on April 20, when a bulletin board manifesto against Bronze Mustache was published by someone using the name Spring Azalea. "

Extracted like this, the quote above seems sort of silly, or comical. The dynamic depicted by the entire story, though, is chilling. I think that the anonymity makes possible these maulings by the mob--mobs are, for the most part, faceless. We would all do well to dismiss and ignore those whose true identity is not posted along with their comments. Neutralize them at the outset.

This is one very big reason that Gloria's and my blogs' titles are also our real names. (Flashback: A few years back, I had a problem with the pseudonymous nature of being a dad among Indian Princesses, so I called myself "Breaking Wind," and not many noticed.)

We take direct responsibility for what we say. We "own" our commentary and our stance. We don't want to be dismissed or neutralized. We're here to communicate, in community. This is how we will all move forward.

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  1. Absolutely agree with your perspective here. Thanks for posting it.