Friday, June 30, 2006

Vonage Offering USB Memory Stick Phone

Vonage Offering USB Memory Stick Phone: We're existing Vonage customers, and this is an interesting product for us; it might make it so we don't have to take our routers with us on extended stays away from the office.

"The V-phone, which is preloaded with software and therefore requires no computer set-up, will cost $39.99 plus a $9.00 activation fee, and comes with an earpiece. Customers would also need to sign up for calling time.
Vonage is offering business users unlimited calls for $34.99 a month, and a $24.99 unlimited plan for residential customers. It also offers a 500-minute plan for $14.99.
'Most employees do a lot of work on the road and at home,' Citron said. 'The only way they do that is racking up large phone bills.'
Citron said he did not expect the latest device to replace other Vonage products or cell phones.
But companies could eventually use it instead of their current phone networks once workers grew accustomed to using headsets and dialing from keyboards rather than traditional phones, he said. "

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