Monday, August 13, 2007

good news from the big lunatic tent in the middle

Cleveland Equanimous Philosopher: Top Ten Reasons Why I'm A Lunatic Who Doesn't Want Cleveland to Move Forward -- Great points here from Roger B. I guess we're all bozos on this bus, the lunatic fringe becoming mainstream. They've driven us crazy, and it's time to get our vote back, and then to get our money back.

Make sure you click through. The 10 points should be required reading for all who value a straight-up dialogue. Roger's keeping us all on task and sorting through the dross and the disinformation. We're up against progagandists.

One thing I want to find out is who is orchestrating the lies and the cheap-shot anonymous flyers, and who is renting the planes with the banners, and who's paying for it all? Even though it's working to our benefit in galvanizing the public, I still want to find out.

Yesterday, people paid the admission to get into the county fair, found us at our stall in building 20, signed the ballot, and left for their regularly scheduled Sunday.

Our county commissioners' stall at the fair was empty, according to intelligence brought back our scouts.


  1. if the literature has a "union bug" on it, get the numerical number contained within the "bug" and that will reveal the print shop where the literature is being printed. if there is no union bug - bug the union! although, they have previously been known to use numbers that are no longer in use and phony numbers within the "bug."

  2. where is nina turner on this? ward 1 is very fertile ground for this type of effort.

  3. fyi, a good guy to get involved in this is james knight. ward 1 activist who spearheaded the effort against the first attempted school levy. in order to keep him inactive when they came to the voters again for a lesser millage, the gave knight the ward one council seat after joe jones got into trouble. he filled the seat and did not seek election. turner ran and beat joe jones' wife. this type of thing if right up mr. knight's alley. he isn't hard to find. you should make contact with him to discuss the matter.

  4. I've sent this to somebody who will know about nina. For myself, I am familiar with Tina, solely.

  5. Likewise, we will talk to Mr. Knight. I have Knight links already in the database.

  6. the romanian festival is at st. mary's this weekend on warren rd. between i-90 and triskett ave. lots of signatures there.

  7. According to the August 14 PD, the plane with the banner was hired by the Greater Cleveland Partnership.

  8. Anon, my fabled piece of the airplane and the ironing board awaits your delectation.

    I also quoted today's PD thing in full. There's a lot it fails to say. There are sins of omission, and sins of commission.

  9. anonymous (August 14 PD)Tuesday, August 14, 2007 2:09:00 PM

    Anon, my fabled piece of the airplane and the ironing board awaits your delectation.

    Quite interesting. (Sometimes I do wonder if I've awakened in Pottersville, though.)

    You might also wish to be aware of a tour by Clevelanders of the Chicago Merchandise Mart underway today. Here is a report by WTAM's Greg Saber. (I don't find it particularly illuminating.)

    I'll also say that the WTAM writeup seems a little sloppy. For example, it reads, "New York is also trying to land such a [medical mart] facility." I think this gives the impression that NYC's government is courting developers. The proposed NYC medical mart, as described here, doesn't have obvious government involvement.