Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rosemary Palmer thinks she's different from Dennis

Rosemary Palmer for Congress -- Here's a piece by Anthony lighting into Dennis for not standing up for the people of his district, which encompasses a good part of Cuyahoga County. One thing we need to be mindful of is whether a candidate would be an improvement, or whether a candidate is just a change of scenery, or underwear. I don't see where Rosemary serves, or served, as an advocate for the people any more than Dennis does, or did lately. I'm thinking of wanting to see a well-defined track record of advocacy and service. In the recent abrogation of the right to vote in Cuyahoga County, Republican candidates and officeholders did hit the street on behalf of all of us, irrespective of party politics or party affiliations. Rosemary was conspicuously absent, for one who would purport to be a contender, and so was Barbara Ferris. We don't need any more lukewarm types who pick and choose what is most opportune for them.

It's easy to lob potshots at Dennis; he's vulnerable; he's odd.

It's hard to do the right thing, and to be truly useful. We've had enough posers; with Rosemary and Barbara, it's just a different pose.

I don't think they can prove me wrong. They both had an opportunity to make something happen this past month, something that would be a sea change, and they opted out.


  1. Tim,
    I was under the impression that we didn't get a lot of support from local Republicans on the petition drive, and that the folks helping out were a coalition of Democrats, Libertarians, Greens and, yes, some Republicans. Did the Cuyahoga County Republican Party really get involved?

  2. We got help from a lot of individual Republicans, some of whom were in office and some of whom were candidates for office. The party was bought off or called off, I hear. What I do know for a fact, from my own observation, is that the Cuyahoga County Republican Party initially was to commit to working to restore the vote but then did a totally unexpected change of course; we were all quite surprised. Some say they were bought off.

  3. it has been alleged that mixon, crawford and george threatened to withhold their contributions to republican candidates if the county party got involved in the petition drive. could be just an unsubstantiated rumor.

  4. Cleveland Equanimous PhilosopherFriday, August 31, 2007 4:45:00 PM

    Anonymous -- that may just be a rumor, but it jibes with other "rumors" I've heard, to wit: Council President Sweeney cut a deal with those guys vis-a-vis council reduction (see PD article from yesterday) and somehow everyone "going along to get along" on the sales tax increase was part of this. It may be that part of the council reduction deal was that the Repubs wouldn't get in the way of this sales tax increase.

    I've also heard that the sales tax increase has nothing to do with a med mart/convention center;but will be used for economic development to get casinos in 2-3 years.