Saturday, August 25, 2007

Drive-Thru LAST CHANCE Petition Signing Opportunity | Put It On The Ballot

Drive-Thru LAST CHANCE Petition Signing Opportunity Put It On The Ballot -- Well, our PutItOnTheBallot website is un-biffed and functional today, so we have it as backup to let people know where we're going to be until we hand in the petitions to Frank Russo at the auditor's office before he closes at 4:40 PM. Our four locations are at the link, above.

I'm hoping this turns out like a Jimmy Stewart movie, as American down-home values triumph and the crowd cheers and waves flags as they enter a new era of hope and prosperity.

We had a ball and met a lot of fine people in Tremont's Lincoln Park last night. We gave a good number of them the flyer in the post below.

We're hoping our blogging friends can help drive people to us--I guess the mainstream media are working on it, too, but I never pay much attention to them any more.

Here are the locations where we'll be collecting not only signatures but also petitions for the turn-in at the end of the day--

Well, all I know now is that we're off to put a wrap on this by the end of the day. Gloria and I will be down in front of the County Administration building. We need signers, but we also think we'll need people to help us get the signatures as well. Drop by if you can.

God bless us, every one of us, as we go forth to give it one last push to bring back the functionality of the vote to Cuyahoga County. I'll be talking to you all tomorrow to let you know how it went.

Tim Ferris


  1. next year, don't forget the little charade peter lawson jones attempted to play on the voters. if he was truly committed to putting this to the voters to decide, he would have led the effort on the petition drive. i'm glad that persons such as yourself are beginning to see the games that these people play in order to keep the people dumb so that they can get their hands on more of the money of the "poor" people that they purportedly represent. it's all a shell game. they only represent the interests of themselves and their monied cronies.

  2. Katie, I might have known it would be you who would pick up on it; you are a mother's angel and a father's joy; how's that black background working over at reversespeech?

  3. Anon, we began to see the odd dynamics toward the last week. Interesting. I think some people were called back or told to back off, and this may have made the difference--it wasn't much more that was needed. The absence of the Republicans' endorsement definitely made a difference, but so did the MIA status of the ward 1 middle class voter organizations, which we though odd.

  4. the black background is juuust fine. thanks for asking.

  5. they were afraid of stephanie chopping their knees off had they gotten involved. remember the close relationship between stephanie and PLJ. very difficult to win anything on the east side without stephanie's (read: lou stokes') blessing. why wasn't dennis protecting the "little guy" on the west side? yes, people were told to back off.

  6. let me add, however: they can be beat. no question. hopefully this initiative has awakened some folks.

  7. We wouldn't be fooling around here if we thought they were anything more than a bunch of lightweights; they're not that good, and never were, and don't have the capacities to improve.

  8. true, mostly true (they can slither almost as quietly as a serpent) and true.