Sunday, August 19, 2007

skeptical about bait-and-switch tactics

Skeptical about where new Cuyahoga tax will actually end up - letter to the editor - -- I just noticed this letter to the editor over on the PD website; this reader has focused on the critical issue of the Hagan/Dimora/Cimperman/Nance bait-and-switch tactic, dangling the promise of a medicalmart and then using the anticipated increase to balance the books. Where's the accountability here? Why aren't we holding these guys to a standard of telling the truth about where the money is really going?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The new county sales tax is only 0.0025 percent ($250 on every $100,000), so why am I and droves of petitioners out to stop it? Because I have no confidence that the money will be used for what Cuyahoga County Commissioners Tim Hagan and Jimmy Dimora say it will be used for.

The tax goes into the general fund. All we have is their word that the revenue will go toward building a convention center and securing the Medical Mart deal. Meanwhile, the county has other financial commitments to fund, including a $13 million small business loan fund, the new Juvenile Detention Center (a mere $140 million for 150 detainees) and the creation of an empty lot on East Ninth Street and Euclid Avenue, where the Ameritrust Tower now stands, to make way for a new County Administration Building.

If the commissioners would be up front about their actual budgetary needs, I would gladly support a new tax. But under the circumstances, I want it on the ballot.

Eric Greenberg


  1. The new county sales tax is only 0.0025 percent

    No, the sales tax increase is 0.25 percent. (As a fraction of the sales value of a transaction, the tax increase is 0.0025.) I generally agree with the writer's sentiments, but an incorrect statement of the facts doesn't help credibility.

  2. Thank you very much for being astute. What appears here was quoted directly from The PLAIN DEALER.

  3. Color me cynical, but perhaps the PD chose to run the letter because of the error. See, it's obvious this guy doesn't have his facts right.

  4. What the heck, then, consider yourself colored. Did I say that right?