Monday, August 27, 2007


Cuyahoga County sales tax increase at a glance - -- I missed this stunning mathematical justification by our mavens of medicalmart merchandising over at the PD. Hey, it's really simple, now that they've distilled it to its essence for me: If a person gets the Homestead Exemption once, that takes care of 8 years of elevated sales taxes! Avenge yourselves! Go Russo! Download! Take your community's money back, leading with your seniors!


  1. they're laying the groundwork for a forthcoming school levy request. you are beginning to be able to read their EVIL minds.

  2. I don't see how there's any way for decent folk to ask for any more; more to the point, it's time to cut back and tighten up.

  3. i thought the exodus of barbara byrd bennett was long overdue. this district needs a strong black male to lead the school district in order to set an example for the young black males in the schools. i felt he was a good choice at the time and see no reason thusfar for why my optimism for mr. sanders should be muted. my problem is with the four assistant ceos all of whom make more than the ceo of cincinnati, columbus and toledo schools. i hope this guy works out.