Friday, May 12, 2006

U.S. has high rate of newborn deaths: study - MarketWatch

U.S. has high rate of newborn deaths: study - MarketWatch--It may be well nigh time to look into two very old-fashioned ideas: public health clinics (I'd imagine The Cleveland Clinic started this way, before its own survival became more important than its patients) complemented by fee-for-service providers. We need to cut out all the middlemen.


  1. agree.
    perhaps the middlemen are the most responsible parties in making sure no one gets the time, attention or care they properly deserve.

    I can't remember the last conversation I had with my doctor. Does stuff like that even happen any more?

    Gotta move 'em in - ship 'em out, get more in. Yeeahh, rawhide.


  2. You better have that mooooo looked at. The good news is that vets are cheaper, don't typically expect to be paid by an insurance plan, expect a reasonable and timely fee for service but might barter, and genuinely care about their patients--that's why they're vets in the first place.

    Welcome home, Bossy.