Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Campbell seeks RTA board seat

Campbell seeks RTA board seat: Peter Lawson Jones on Jane Campbell: "'She could get a public appointment almost anywhere,' said Jones. 'I would not appoint her simply so she could pile up a couple more years on PERS [Ohio Public Employees Retirement System]. She qualifies on her merits.' "

As a people, we need to limit these public-pension payouts. It seems from what PLJ is saying that service on the GCRTA must carry some salary or service credits.

We can't afford to have the same old cast of characters lining up at the trough; we cannot continue to keep filling the trough for them; we cannot continue to reward mendacity and mediocrity. We must take the incentive to serve personal interests first out of the public-service arena. This mutual-admiration society we call politics-as-usual in Cleveland is what keeps the whole region behind.

Break the stranglehold.

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