Wednesday, May 17, 2006 - News - Fire Department Response Times - News - Fire Department Response Times--A very interesting, revealing rundown of relative public services. After reading it, I have a couple of questions regarding pricing and valuation:

1. Do the property and casualty insurance rates, both personal and commercial lines, reflect fire response times--how widely do the P&C underwriters spread the risk there?

2. Would certification/accreditation of a city, as done by the NFPA, reduce the P&C rates for residents overall? If so, by how much, theoretically? What has been the result in Toledo, for instance. (In searching for the URL for the NFPA, I found it is part of the NIST.)

3. Do people and the real-estate markets take into account the more excellent city services in established, mature areas (high safety quotient, reflected in low response times) when it comes to buying and selling real property?

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