Saturday, May 27, 2006

ABC News: Is Disability Insurance Worth the Money?

ABC News: Is Disability Insurance Worth the Money?: See the little calculator, below. It focuses on the short-term shortfall, month to month. Another thing to consider: What's working worth, over time?

"'One way to look at it is that your income is probably your biggest asset,' Woods said. 'You insure your home, your car, your life. Your earned income is an asset that needs to be insured, too.'
LIFE has a calculator on its Web site at to help consumers determine how much coverage they need."

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  1. Disability insurance is definitely worth your money. These days you need to have coverage for severe injuries as well as critical illnesses. Disability insurance is one good way of ensuring your income if you go out of work. It pays you on the basis of what you've earned before you got disabled.

    Disability insurance is as important as your life insurance or car insurance.