Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Local Company Makes Good, Mentioned in New book

Passport Magazine - Travel Bound, Hot Type for Savvy Travlers, May 2006: "Signspotting: Absurd & Amusing Signs from Around the World ($7.99. Lonely Planet, is an irresistibly rib tickling photo collection of mangled language and unfortunate juxtapositions. All too many of the examples spotlighted in this book can be found in the good old U.S.A, where English is alleged to be our native tongue. Gems include the “Superior Erection Company” in Richfield, Ohio; “We Rent Handguns” in Racine, Wisconsin; Miami Airport’s “Duty Free Restroom”; and the San Diego highway sign “Cruise Ships: Use Airport Exit.” This is the sort of book that makes any sharp-eyed traveler slap himself on the forehead and think, “Hey, I could have put that together myself.” In fact, you can help put together a sequel by submitting digital photos of your favorite signage faux pas to editor Doug Lansky’s website ( for a chance to win weekly prizes and a StarAlliance round-the-world air ticket for the “Best Sign of the Year.” Winning signs also appear in Lansky’s syndicated newspaper travel feature. "

Please don't ask, and I won't tell how this information came into my purview.

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  1. Reminds me of a trip to Pittsburg.
    As we drove out of town, we looked to our right and there in a window was an advertisement for a "clearance" sale on tombstones.