Thursday, May 04, 2006

Outspoken Saudi Bloggers Wary of "Official" Group

Outspoken Saudi Bloggers Wary of "Official" Group: "'You cannot regulate the Saudi blogosphere. You cannot 'refine' it nor 'filter' it or whatever else I read that you wish to do to it. Now get your filthy hands off blogging,' wrote Farooha, a female student who has one of the most popular sites in Arabic and English.
'I do feel that by joining them I'd be slightly drawing unwanted attention to me... As for being traced, well, it is something that I know is very likely,' she told Reuters.
Known for her colorful rants against austere social rules that prevent women from driving and segregate them from men, Farooha said she feared her identity was already out. Women give her nasty looks on university campus, she said. "

Well, I guess we have something in common; so far, our problems here don't seem to have the magnitude and intensity of the problems "over there."

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