Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Agency Delayed Reporting Theft of Veterans' Data - New York Times

Agency Delayed Reporting Theft of Veterans' Data - New York Times: "'The V.A. has put veterans at risk for identity theft,' he said. 'If this were the private sector, they would be required to provide each veteran with free credit-reporting services.' "

This sort of OOPS! thing has happened a lot lately. I seem to remember something about our own Ohio Secretary of State being similarly remiss, too. Was there any penalty for him?

When do we start holding our governments' hired employees and elected officials to the same standards to which we--the rest of us--are held?

What would the majority rule here? Who are in the majority now? Are there more of us than there are of them, or do they now outnumber us? Why don't we see numbers on the breakout in the population by job sector classification? For example, do we know the proportions of government employed versus all others, or nonprofit-employed versus all others, or producing-revenue jobs versus consuming-revenue jobs? Why don't we discuss this more often as a community? Such discussion may be what gets us back on an even keel.

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