Friday, May 12, 2006

CareerJournal | Tips on Taking Charge After a Sudden Promotion

CareerJournal Tips on Taking Charge After a Sudden Promotion: A Diebold tale: "Mr. Swidarski began his first day as CEO last December by asking himself what he'd want from a new top boss. His answer: candid communication. He sent an email to Diebold's 14,500 employees inviting comments and outlining his priorities, including building customer loyalty by speeding the flow of products through the supply chain, and 'providing quality products and outstanding service.' He told them that leading Diebold 'does not rest with one person -- it rests with each and every one of us.'"

I am thinking that, as a fan of what's candid, Mr. Swidarski might make Meeting The Bloggers a priority, especially here in Ohio and right after this May 2nd primary and the experience with the new machines. Mr. Swidarski, should it be our place or yours?

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