Saturday, May 13, 2006


Until we recover the domain GLORIAFERRIS.NET from having been hijacked by a disgruntled former administrator of ours while registered through Network Solutions, Madame Gloria will be posting here, at Save Our Land, and also at George Nemeth's Brewed Fresh Daily.

If you are longing, as I am, to see Gloria blogging away happily at her very own blogsite once again and, to this end, want to contact our disgruntled former administrator, imploring him to point the domain away from the Mole&Wart ad and back to DreamHost, where it belongs, you may email him through this link here or call him on his cellphone at 216-xxx-xxxx. These are the last points of contact he left for himself on the WHOIS function for Network Solutions.

We welcome and encourage your participation in this reclamation project. Waste not, want not, we always say.


  1. e-mail sent.
    Please keep us all up to date.

    I've learned a freakish amount of information about warts and moles though.


  2. I am so sorry this happened to you. Something similar happened to a client of mine for whom I was writing Web copy. He let his Web project manager go for a variety of reasons, and soonafter discovered many of his databases were deleted and the site was taken down. A few bad apples can really rot the Net.

  3. Shalom Tim and Gloria,

    I hope you get this resolved quickly.

    So that other folks might avoid a similar situation. What were the events that led to this incident?



  4. Holy Sh*t!

    A freind in the medical equipment business had her web administrator (who just happened to be the office administaror for the business)point the site at a porno site.

    Lesson learned: Never, never, never trust an administrator (of any kind)

    Email sent

  5. ditto. I'm wondering how full Musial's inbox has been over the past few days? hopefully, overfilled to coercing him into action.

  6. same on me for hijacking the domain. tim can have it back. i've already told him this.

  7. Guys--

    Rob is in the process of doing the right thing, so Gloria says we should all cease whatever proactive or reactive things we're doing with regard to retrieving the domain. Thanks, all.

    I will also post this in the "Comments" section of the post in question at

  8. Good luck, I know how it feels.