Monday, May 22, 2006

Toshiba to Add Wireless VOIP

Toshiba to Add Wireless VOIP: Convergence!!
"The phones are the Hitachi IP5000 and the SpectraLink Link 6020. The Hitachi phone will use a company's existing 802.11b Wi-Fi network, while the SpectraLink phone uses a private wireless network operating in the 900MHz band. The third device is the MC50 PDA, which runs Toshiba's SoftIPT softphone software and also uses Wi-Fi.
'It's the next evolution in communications,' said Toshiba America Product Manager Greg Portis. 'You can move without being tethered to a specific location.' Portis said that at Toshiba, 'wireless' refers to anything you can use to communicate and conduct dialogue through without being restricted to 'a certain space.' "

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