Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Deadline Set for Wireless Internet in Parks - New York Times

Deadline Set for Wireless Internet in Parks - New York Times--New York's doin' it by July they say. Our Archwood-Denison neighborhood plans to get off the dime this month. What's everybody else doing in this regard?

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  1. Tim! Guess what!?

    (First - I can't make the Helen Smith MTB - I'm sorry - I had something scheduled for today that the person said is for tomorrow - I had to yield.)

    So - I'm in the Financial District in front of One Battery Plaza, my brother's building in NYC, and we've just exhausted our puny Ohio selves walking for hours in NYC and my son is about ready to kill me, and my brother had to go back inside to get his Blackberry (oh, those Blackberry-dependent people!), and I figure I'll whip out my wified Palm to see if there are any signals from these hundreds of businesses all around me.

    Guess what I found!? The Bowling Green Free Alliance something or other zone for the internet, right there, on...whatever street we were on - it's a block below the NYSE, and a block above the ferry station, next to Battery Park. Bowling Green is the name of the subway station.

    And the front page of this connection says that this Wifi alliance thingy is the first business district-sponsored one in the country. I don't know enough to know if that's true, but it's possible.

    Anyway - the signal was more than strong enough and I checked email while I waited for my bro. He's worked there for 10 years and he never knew about the hotspot.

    Cool huh?