Monday, May 15, 2006

Bill Pierce takes a whack at MSM

Pierce for Senate: THANK YOU: Bill Pierce, who ran against Mike DeWine in the Republican primary and who appeared a short while ago on Meet The Bloggers, takes a parting shot at the "mainstream media" (MSM)--or perhaps it's just the opening volley:

"My most heartfelt appreciation goes to those whose gallant efforts to inform the citizenry of Ohio that a choice did exist in spite of the main stream media’s refusal to acknowledge a contested primary. The blog support and the talent of those who write them were greatly appreciated. I only hope and pray that someday people will realize the contribution they are making to our society and the voids they fill created by the laziness or hidden agenda of the main stream media we used to rely upon for a complete news package."

"I am determined to find a way to continue to speak out in the name of common sense and entice the populace to take a pro-active interest in government rather than a passive “I give up” approach. We must re-engage our citizenry or risk losing a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Please help me find that way and help me deliver that message – future generations are counting on us."

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