Monday, May 15, 2006

Dark Sky Options ~ Hinkley Architectural ~ design · illuminate · enjoy

Dark Sky Options ~ Hinkley Architectural ~ design · illuminate · enjoy: Here's a refreshing and aesthetically sensible concept from a local firm with a national presence. Click on the link to see the picture of a representative Dark Sky fixture:

"Hinkley Lighting, a leader in outdoor commercial and residential lighting, is dedicated to preserving the night sky for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are trying to do your part to protect our environment or adhere to legislative requirements, Hinkley Lighting has designed products for both commercial and residential applications to fulfill your lighting needs. Utilizing every design tool at our disposal to reduce glare, control up-light, light trespass or conceal lamp image, we can design products to meet or exceed your requirements.
Our commercial products are designed for superior optical performance utilizing full cut-off, cut-off and semi cut-off hydro formed reflectors, segmented reflectors, and refractive globes allowing our customers more choices when designing for roadway and area lighting requirements.
We are proud to be the first manufacturer to offer residential sized products that address our ability to truly enjoy the night sky in all its’ splendor. All Hinkley Lighting solid roof lanterns can be modified to be Dark Sky friendly."

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