Tuesday, May 23, 2006

HGTV cameras focus on Heritage Lane restoration work

HGTV cameras focus on Heritage Lane restoration work--"The Famicos Foundation has acquired and plans to eventually renovate the University Towers apartment building nearby and use it for government-subsidized housing for low-income people."

I think it's a HUGE mistake not to make that lovely building at least a mixed-use development. We don't need any more of what Sister Henrietta's crew is offering; she may have died, but her acolytes plod on. This whole low-income schtick needs to give this town a respite--it's old, it's tired, and we have a surfeit already that only needs fixing--we don't need anything new or reclassified.

Just because public housing, historically, is said to have originated in Cleveland doesn't mean we have to continue to lay it down border to border. Could there be bad karma attached to it, to the hypocrisy of bankers and nonprofit directors constantly moving no-risk money and building for the poor, when really what people need is a chance to become non-subsidized and self-sufficient? Is it time to rein in the poverty industry in Cleveland? Is it right that we've made "poverty" an institution, and many middle and upper middle class earn comfortable livings ministering to the poor? Heck, if these 501(c)(3)'s weren't controlling the money, everybody might be on an equal footing by now.

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