Wednesday, May 24, 2006

riding the bus, second installment

Yesterday was a Big Bus Day, made possible by the Trip Planner, and it proceeded from Archwood-Denison to downtown to Bratenahl to Euclid to East Cleveland to Ohio City and home again. And I learned something.

Originally, riding the bus started out as an economy measure, a cheaper transportation alternative, and it gave me the opportunity to make a conservative or conservationist statement. Yesterday, I read a good part of a book while in transit and finished some administrative paperwork. The bus helped me conserve not only money but my time. I was going to read that book or do that paperwork some time anyway. All those half-hours and hours I spent driving can now be reallocated to reading or preparing for presentations or catching up on the administrative burden.

I guess riding the bus is what I'll do until I can afford a driver. Saving & reallocating time is the higher and greater economy, and rising gasoline prices are what got me thinking about it.


  1. Yeah Tim. I would like to ride the bus more often. My eastside locale makes it pretty inconvenient. Westside routes are much better. I was so excited about the trip planner.
    Here's my post on realneo when the planner was launched. I can't wait til you can blog while riding the transit.

  2. I think that if I get one of those new IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads, the ones with the EV-DO, I'll be able to do that, regardless of the state of Wi-Fi in the region.