Thursday, February 28, 2008

WKYC's Director's Cut with Frank Macek: Meet the Bloggers: Coverage of Ch 3's Debate

WKYC's Director's Cut with Frank Macek: Meet the Bloggers: Coverage of Ch 3's Debate, from BlogJock Frank Macek, the Tuesday-night view from the WKYC Information Center's Social Media Group.

One of the most inspiring and exciting things for me happened even before the blog software got rolling and the talking heads got to broadcasting, when Rita Andolson, the news director, related the story of how she had politely lobbied early on for the opportunity of having Cleveland host the debate, gotten the outside chance when Columbus balked, and put the whole thing together in a little over two weeks, with a little help from her friends at CSU. It was a story about a community that has it all and is perfectly positioned coming together quickly to seize an opportunity. I haven't felt this good about the way things are going around here since the 60s. We are poised for great things, and now is the time to act. Rita has taken the lead.

I think it's the women especially who are going to turn this thing around. On a dime. Stay tuned.

Guys, admit to it and have a far better existence: They're smarter than us, and they run everything anyway, so put aside your egos and submit to the inevitable eventuality of women running things, of the feminization of society coming into its own. I bring you this advice as a friend, as one of you, as a shadow husband whose life has improved immensely since retreating to the shadows of greatness.

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