Thursday, February 28, 2008

video reprise of the debate night MTB command and control center

The Franchise Video Blog » Cleveland Democratic Presidential Debate LiveBlogging Video -- I am the balding/bald one to the left of Joel's new Flip Video Ultra camera which, according to the December issue of LAPTOP Magazine is the Editor's Choice and offers near-seamless integration with YouTube. I think Gloria needs to get one of these--the higher-end version can store up to 1 hour of content.

Joel Libava's constantly thinking about new angles, and I'm glad we have the opportunity to be working with him on these pioneering community-dialogue efforts. And now, I know what a Flip Vid is and does, and everybody ought to run out and get one.


  1. Thank you Dr. Ferris! Thank YOU for challenging me in your mellow way, when we first talked one on one...
    Bigger things are appearing on the horizon. I am honored to be with a bunch of really smart folks.
    Joel Libava

  2. Oh heck, you can dispense with the Dr. Ferris stuff--on the chain gang, they called me Mr. Tim, and that's formal enough.