Saturday, February 02, 2008

disingenuous blogs

The Cleveland Plain Dealer = Spin Machine » Clevelanders Who Haven’t Been Sucked in by the Spin Machine - Where are you? -- There's something fake about a blog that expresses outrage at the MSM's torqueing of the dialogue, yet moderates comments in order to reserve the right to torque things a little bit themselves. Some people must be afraid their candidate or their issue won't hold up to scrutiny, or come out too well in a two-sided discussion--or perhaps it's the candidate himself.

So, should I be surprised at another manifestation of fakery from this quarter?


  1. Nothing wrong with moderating comments, Tim. It prevents some people from going off half-cocked. Besides, if you check back on BFD, there's a comment for the blogger herself. Now, you can either believe what she says and get to know her, or not. Your call.

  2. A big part of getting to know somebody is the initial impression, the first contact. I'm waiting to take her, and Dennis, into the bosom of my little personal community. I'm waiting for moderation. I'm waiting for results. Since 1972, in some cases.

    We passed the 40th anniversary of the Tet Offensive a few days ago. What's tomorrow, from the same year group?

  3. As I pointed out earlier (to George) I'm new at this whole blogging thing. I've gone and changed the settings so that anyone can post a comment.