Tuesday, February 26, 2008

counterpoints and comparisons

City of Knoxville - Mayor's Biography -- Over on BFD, Ed Morrison was mentioning a few things about Knoxville, and inviting contrast. Try this bio of the current mayor, to round out Ed's comparison of Chambers of Commerce (The GCP is actually the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce which, since it didn't do much to generate commerce, did the honest and forthright thing and took the word out of its title, replacing it with something more cosa-nostra-like, reflecting "our thing", the closed-off partnership of the mediocre who brook no new ideas--or any real, substantial, non-fluffy ideas at all.) (Oops! I got carried away, but let it stand. The comment might be bitchy, snarky, and a little unkind and unappreciative, but there's a lot of basis to it.)


  1. You can be as bitchy as you want on your own blog. How much conversation does it create?

  2. Tim,
    I don't think the Cover it Live reminder link is working properly - I can enter an email address and pick a time but the rest of the widget is not visible.

    Judy Carlin

  3. Geo--I dunno, maybe I just wanted the selfish luxury of the rant.

    Judy--I am going to tend to the CoverItLive as best I can--it's new to all of us, and Blogger, too.

    If I can't make it work, I'll post sequentially as the evening goes on, but whatever I do, I'll do it here.