Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2110 hours--Barack on defense over healthcare

--they are sitting close enough to smack each other--I'd have a hard time with restraining myself--Hilary is now staring daggers at Barack--he must be scoring points--she now butts in--

Hilary lumps insurance companies with Republicans--throwing tags around--hogging the time--invoking the ghost of Harry Truman--

Barack calls her inaccurate. He is a gentleman.

Hilary stares daggers again. She's trying to exercise mind control. Barack must be scoring. Hilary has her hand to her chin, and now she has to butt in again.

She talks to mandates, how they must be enforceable--she's now starting to babble early--invokes the ghost of Franklin Roosevelt--"MY PLAN"--too much ego here--I will limit--she's going to do it all herself--I-I-I-I-I-I--this is not a team player, not a collaborator--

Obama checks her and jumps in. He sounds more rational and reasonable. Her looks are awful--now she's smirking and condescending--this is not somebody you'd want to hang around with--he now pisses her off by addressing her by her first name--

She changes the subject--Roger begins comparing this to an SNL skit--this Saturday ought to be great--Hilary is starting to freak out--

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  1. Ok, on health care, Hillary has it where everybody will get coered. Obama doesn't,just children. what happens to the rest of america who works and needs it just as bad that supports the children in the world. without them working if they get sick,injured, or need an operation, or are disabled, and have no insureance and are not covered under Obama's plan they are responsible for the bill themselves,or they die. Like me when I used to work, I am on SSD, and worked for 25 years as a grill cook and did not have health insurance where I worked at because where I worked doesn't have it and I could not afford it. i barely covered rent, food, gas for the car or I had to walk to work, I long 16 hour shifts sometimes 6-7 days a week just to make ends meet. I always lost my 1 day off a week I had because I had to work or get fired. Restaurants do not have insurance and if clinton can get it that is affordable for everybody then I would not have lost my eyes and hearing to need at keeping on working at the job I had. With insurance I would have been able to save my eyesight and hearing and now I am adjustments(BIG), to life that is way different to me. Health care is for everyone not only just for children. I believe clintn is on the right track as her husband was when he was in office. he was for everybody getting health care,not just certain people. Hillary Clinton cares about everybody.Many thanks. Monica