Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2120 hours--NAFTA for Hilary

she's been a critic of NAFTA, she says--she's been busy rewriting history--this woman is not credible--she's manufacturing stories, war stories about her experiences with real people--Now, the BIG MAMA wants to declare a big NAFTA time out--the dominatrix--again, lots of I's and my's. What she is saying is not believable--she seems to be babbling.

Obama calls her out. He's rational and matter of fact. He's cool. On balance, I'd say he's ahead at this point and gaining distance. He's credible. He's believable. He's coming across as a leader and unflappable. He's communicating: The cool hand prevails.

Russert--piles on with facts--Hilary is not embarrassed. She ignores the question. Babbles. Avoids. Then calls on Russert to be fair. She then declares herself to be consistent, if only Russert wasn't too stupid to see it. She's argumentative. She calls on the PeeDee as an authoritative source. She has no idea of the low esteem people around here have for the PeeDee.

She's now referring to David Gergen as a source who says she's not a NAFTA-ite. Barack advocates the same thing as Hilary, yet comes off way better. The assembly here says he's way more presidential.

This is turning into a mis-match.

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