Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2134--Glinda the Good Witch

Hilary now tries out her patronizing Glinda the Good Witch voice with Russert--now, we have the green-collar jobs created over the next 10 years--

Brian Williams talks about experience, lack of it, and tragedy, and invokes the spectre of George Bush's presidency. Obama scores again, making the critical distinction of the silliness of equating experience with time in Washington. Good point.

Obama says his judgment on critical issues has been sound, gives examples. Hilary now comes on and smirks. She reminds me of the nyah-nyah girl in class who always got things right, ratted us all out, and left for Radcliffe. This is not somebody most of us can like.

She now says Obama is full of beans on Pakistan, and she offers to be much tougher. Again, the dominatrix. Speaks to values. Offers herself as the fit opponent for Senator McCain.

Obama comes back as a deliberate debunker, talking about driving the bus into the ditch, and how Hilary helped facilitate and enable that. He is picking apart her smears. Point. Point. Matter of fact. Points out her changes of horse in midstream. Credible.

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