Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2234--here's who's been involved in this blogging tonight at WKYC

from Brian Lehman, to all of us:

Brian Layman to collisionbend, Derek, Will, Roger, gloria, Roger, gloria, George, me, Gloria, Derek, will, franpro, Jill, Jeff
show details 9:01 PM (1 hour ago) Reply

http://subsetofderek.blogspot.com/ Derek Arnold
http://Timferris.blogspot.com Tim Ferris
http://www.twitter.com/frampro Joel Libava
http://www.gloriaferris.net Gloria Ferris
http://www.collisionbend.com Will Kessel
http://fsgf.blogspot.com Roger Bundy
http://www.onevotematters.com Brian Layman
http://www.twitter.com/georgenemeth http://www.twitter.com/meetthebloggers George Nemeth
http://laurakessel.blogspot.com Laura Kessel

Brian Layman
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Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/brianlayman
Cell: (330) 858-3446
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TF: 866-652-7189

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