Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2224--reject and renounce are the new buzzwords

from before--

Hilary: "...spends most of his time praising pootin'"--just sounds funny--I can't take this lady too seriously, because she takes herself so seriously. No humor. None at all.

Hilary takes back her war stance from prior years. Then tries to anchor things in the present. Not convincing. Now, she is launching into some sort of prepared stump speech wrap-up

Obama points out his one failure to stand up, his inaction. He wraps better, speaking to the debates prior. She seems sort of deflated, disarmed. He is being gracious. George points out that she realizes now that she missed her chance to shine, to be gracious, to truly be Glinda the Good Witch. Gloria points out he;s certainly more of the statesman.

Russert goes to the issue of "worthiness."

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