Sunday, February 24, 2008

open 24 hours, and just downriver from Marietta

The American Restaurant: Porstmouth [sic], Ohio's Only 24-Hour Restaurant - Associated Content
Here's another addition to our 24-hour listings, way down in New Boston, downriver from Marietta, below Columbus, to the side of Cincinnati. I added it so that, if anybody really wants to go down to see what we're allowing to happen to our neighbors in Meigs County with this 50-year coal con job, they'll have a place to refuel any time at all. The innumerate, fear-crazed Cleveland City Council is agonizing over this suckers' deal and hasn't, according to Bill Callahan over at Callahan's Cleveland Diary, had the good sense to engage experts, as Oberlin did. Based on expert advice, Oberlin had the informed foresight to reject the coal-price fear mongers last week.

There's just no sense to indenturing our next two generations to supporting a dying fuel industry and causing untold collateral damage to our neighbors down by the river, but how do you think our innumerate, and overpaid, and overrated, city council will vote?

We also need to begin talking about what our elected public servants are really worth, as they continue to give away the store, pay themselves as though they were expert and competent, and put us further and further behind the power curve, as it were.

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