Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2156--a Hannity focus group

Joel tells us a buncha Hannities have Hilary out front--lotta hogwash

the Hannities may want her to be in the runoff against McCain, so McCain won't have so tough a row to hoe.

Hilary now tells us what a fighter she is--it's all self-proclaimed. Now, she uses one of my lines, about "get that money back." Why is it I don't find her believable, even when she's telling me what I want to hear?

The table calls for Barack to interrupt, but he continues to be a gentleman. We're seeing way too much Hilary. Now, we cut to an Obama clip, about her. Our interest is flagging. George opines that Meet.The.Bloggers would do a much better job. I tend to agree. This is dragging, not hitting the right points or getting the proper inflection.

George is talking to Jill Zimon on the phone--she's down on the floor.

Obama talks about her talking out both sides of her mouth, railing against special interests and taking money from them at the same time.

Russert tries to nail Obama. Obama sidesteps, says he'll deal with it when he has parity with McCain. Then takes a broader tack, tries to carry the dialogue up to another level. Speaks to PACs, how he hasn't taken money. Russert can't get him to flap.

Now, Tim Russert goes to Hilary on finances, credibility, and she smirks, gives the impression it's all from "the American people." That covers a lot of ground.

Russert invokes the shade of Vince Foster--another blogger calls Hilary's performance "utterly horrid."

Obama speaks to anti-Semitic comments as being despicable--Russert won't quit--hammering away--trying to get Obama to take ownership of Farrakhan's comments--consensus at the table is that Tim needs to take this line of questioning somewhere else--I would have unloaded on Russert by now. As I have pointed out before, Obama is a gentleman.

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