Tuesday, June 26, 2007

this Saturday: Play Until Dark at Wendy Park

I just got this email:

Dan and I want you to know about the Wendy Park Foundation event, "Play Until Dark at Wendy Park: Get the Towpath to the Lake" happening this Saturday, June 30, 2007. At 10:00 AM the @ 12 mile roundtrip bike ride begins at Wendy Park with registration on site at 9:00 AM.

The bike ride will start at Wendy Park and will proceed through city streets to Steelyard Commons and on to the Canal Way Visitors Center and back. As you may recall, the funding for the Towpath to Steelyard Commons is already in place, and Wendy Park Foundation is committed to extending the Towpath to Wendy Park at Lake Erie.

The park site event begins at 11:00 AM and ends at 9:00 PM. – it will mark the first opening of the Coast Guard Station site to the public. The inside of the Coast Guard Station will not be open, but in the future we are hoping it will become an interpretive center for the Towpath Trail.

The day will be filled with all kinds of entertainment, including kayak rides; Harvey Webster's animal show, including live raptors; windsurfing; kitesurfing, fishing, archery, rockwall climbing, and eating delicious food; bungee trampolining; live music from Whiskey Island Ramblers, Will Bowen, Inner City Outlet and Carlos Jones; nature photography, bird watching, and wildlife identification; more food and drink.

The day will be FUN at Cleveland's only outdoor sports and recreation festival! You can get tickets in advance by going to www.playuntildark.org , then click "Get Tickets" ($5.00 per person -- children under 10 are free). Please note that the deadline for website ticket purchases is on Friday, June 29, 2007 at noon. You can also buy tickets at the door for $8.00 per person.

Would love to see you and your family at Wendy Park!

Marge and Dan Moore


  1. sounds fun. I like the pics/images you're adding to your last couple posts!

  2. thanks for noticing--when do you get on the plane?

  3. umm...tomorrow at about 2pm. I was going to try & call from the airport if you guys are around. we are still visiting with Geri's fam & then I am trying to pack as well!