Thursday, June 21, 2007

Save Our Land: Gone Forever, but now a seminal event

Save Our Land: Gone Forever -- It's funny how, when people become outraged and feel anger, they begin to find each other and share information, and all the issues begin to dovetail together. The messy obfuscation swirling around the Fulton Road Bridge finds parallels in the Breuer Tower rush to judgment. The "oops" demolition on Riverside feels strangely like the disappearance of Denise's back yard. For our neighborhood and for the city, the beginning of the depradations on West 44th Street have become a seminal event. It all began in Ward 15. It's become "us" versus "them."

Demolition calls to mind tax abatement and residential real-estate development concerns are reflected in commercial concerns. Ultimately, all the indicators point to our having elected and appointed bad help who serve imperfectly or fail to serve at all. They forget that they're the help, the servants of the public, and begin to think they're rock stars. In this comment, by one of our neighbors over on Archwood, Joe Cimperman gets whacked. The commenter is a Tremont native. He uses plain talk. Enjoy.

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